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Automatically collected information:

During your visit on our website, information about your IP address, domain, browser and operational system is automatically collected. This information does not allow to unambiguously identify yourself.

Information collected when you contact us:

When you contact us for a specific purpose (e.g. to make a complaint) via our website, by phone or email, we will require you to submit your personal details again, in order to confirm your identity and ensure feedback. We ask for the same information that you, Dear User, have submitted before. Submitting the information is not compulsory, but it is necessary to carry out the actions or provide the information you request.

Data application:

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Automatically collected information may be used to track users’ browsing activity or to gather demographic data about them.

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If, while filling in the registration form, you have sent us an email message, we can contact you by phone, mail or fax, in response to your query.

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